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Opera Bespoke’s Singing Waiters perform for BP at the Bingham, London

1st Jan 2011

It’s our first blog of 2011, how very exciting - Happy New Year! What a month December has been. Our singing waiters show has been entertaining at Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties and December weddings all over the country. Our act has brought each of the events to life, leaving guests with lasting memories and a truly unique experience. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to listen to the country’s top opera singers singing live, close up, especially for you.
Our singing waiters have performed at some fantastic events over Christmas and New Year, but the one that stands out this year is BP’s Christmas party at the Bingham Hotel in Richmond, London. BP had booked our world class singing waiters to provide the surprise entertainment for their evening dinner, and had chosen the Bingham as the venue for their Christmas celebrations.
The Bingham is one of London’s most enchanting boutique hotels. Originally built as two Georgian town houses, the Bingham creates an elegant setting for contemporary luxury living with breathtaking interiors and incredible views along the river Thames. It was indeed the perfect setting for the evening of operatic entertainment, which our surprise singing waiters had in store!
Following our surprise and comical introduction, BP’s guests were mesmerised by outstanding performances by our world class tenor and soprano who brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation. BP’s guests were one of the best audiences our singing waiters have performed for, joining in the sing along chorus with gusto, creating a sea of napkins as they were waved in the air and there was not a glass that was not swung from side to side as they savoured the “Brindisi” from La Traviata sung at its best.
BP kindly wrote to us to say “The performance was AMAZING!!!! We had such a good night and everyone was so surprised. People are still speaking about it today. Thank you so much!”

And now for our first weekly interesting opera fact of 2011, did you know that the famous proverb “the opera ain’t over ‘til the fat lady sings” referring to buxom Brunhilde’s 10-minute aria at the end of Wagner’s Ring cycle operas is usually attributed to professional basketball coach Dick Motta, who attributes it to San Antonio broadcaster Dan Cook, who claims he overheard a friend say it!