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Singing Waiters Make Your Wedding Breakfast!

15th Jan 2011

So it is to be the best day of your life and it is fast approaching. You have everything in hand. The caterers are booked, the flowers have been chosen and the dreaded seating plan is nearing completion. But there’s something missing and you’re not sure what? It’s that special something that will make your wedding day truly unique and delightfully memorable and will wow you and your guests. And this is where we come in.
Our singing waiters and hidden guests acts provide world class entertainment that will transform your wedding breakfast into an unforgettable experience. It is not every day that you have the opportunity to listen to the country’s top opera singers, singing close up, especially for you. But the best thing is it’s a surprise. Not even your future husband or your parents know. And as the big day arrives you can’t contain your excitement.
So here you are the happiest woman in the world. All your family and friends are seated enjoying an exquisite meal. And then you spot them, your surprise. You give them a wink. Your very talented and attractive singing waiters are serving your guests and nobody has any idea of what is in store, except for you!
An announcement is made and your guests are fooled, taken by your head waiter’s looks and charm. He entertains with an interesting and comical anecdote, but before he leaves he decides to sing – “oh no, please stop the waiter from singing” fills everyone minds, but this is no ordinary waiter. This is the start of the singing waiters show that has everyone singing along waving their napkins in the air to Toreador and swaying their glasses from side to side to “Brindisi” from La Traviata! Solos, duets and trios performed by world class opera singers interacting in a fantastically humorous way, make this a wedding day never to be forgotten. Your husband, your parents, your guests are having the time of their lives! And who on earth organised this amazing experience. Yes, it was you!