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Planning an Event? Opera Bespoke's event planners can help

16th May 2011

We are contacted on a regular basis by companies and individuals looking for original ideas for their event.   Our event planners are experts in putting together the ideal entertainment for your audience.
This week we have been preparing for the product launch of the new Giorgio Armani cosmetics boutique at Fenwick in Newcastle on Thursday 19th May.
The luxury cosmetics brand instructed us to create entertainment that would reflect the quality and sophistication of Giorgio Armani and announce the launch of their new cosmetics range to customers. The rich and earthy toned collection was inspired by Italy - its volcanoes, marble, and artwork so it was only fitting that live opera singers should provide the vocal accompaniment to the event.
Our event planners have carefully devised the programme of music and advised on the style, colour and period of costumes. The opera singers will be dressed in hand stitched, gold and cream renaissance costumes with original Venetian masks and feathers to evoke images of the elegant costumes of the 18th century. A repertoire ranging from early renaissance Italian arias to Puccini and Verdi has been designed to suit all musical tastes and draw in the crowds.
On the day, our event management team will be there bright and early to set up the PA system and ensure all the other technical requirements are in place so that the performance is seamless. From 1-5pm our professional opera singers will delight with their wonderfully powerful and beautiful voices and amazing costumes while customers are invited to have a glass of champagne while being pampered by Giorgio Armani professionals and makeovers.
Are you inspired by this event? Why not include live opera as part of your next corporate event or product launch? We offer a variety of different themes ranging from Venetian Carnival to Hollywood Glamour and of course the wonderful costumes and repertoire of music to accompany the theme. If you are lost for ideas, all you need to do is speak to our event planners and they will create the perfect entertainment for your event that has the “wow” factor.
Interesting Fact of the Week:
The Carnival in Venice originated from the victory of the Republic of Venice against Ulrico, Patriarch of Aquileia in 1162. The residents of Venice started dances and reunions in St Mark’s square to celebrate. The word “Carnevale” comes from the  Latin “Carnem Levare” which means “take away meat” and developed around the Roman Catholic festival of Lent, Carnevale was associated with the pre-lent festivals practised around Shrove Tuesday.