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How to Make your Wedding Stand Out from the Rest

30th May 2011

Weddings take an incredible amount of meticulous planning from the wedding ceremony, drinks reception, wedding breakfast and then the party. Every wedding has its staple requirements - the dress, the food, the cake, the flowers and the music, yet every couple strives to make their wedding stand out from the rest and become an expression of their personalities and feelings for one another. When it comes to music choices there is a never-ending list to choose from. Music is one of the most powerful tools of expression and it can be used to stamp your identity on your very special day. Music enriches the mood and feeling of the most memorable events of our lives, so use it to its full potential. It’s all about the little details and unique touches.
  1. Make sure you allow enough time to do your research. If you are not sure about what music to include in your wedding ceremony, the internet can be a very useful tool to access lists of both classic and contemporary wedding ceremony music and you can hear sound bites to help you make your decision. 
  2. Choose your theme - music can really help set the tone and set your day apart. You can choose from a variety of themes: Regal? a trumpeter; Celestial? a harpist; Pastoral? a string quartet; Emotive? an opera singer. 
  3. If you are having a drinks reception, why not entertain your guests as they arrive at the venue with some live background music.  It is a way of creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and shows that you have made that extra special effort to keep your wedding party entertained.
  4. Surprise your guests. Book surprise singing waiters and hidden guest acts during the wedding breakfast to transform your wedding into a day that you and your guests will talk about for years to come. 
So while you concentrate on preparing the venue, choosing the food and dealing with the dreaded seating plan, don’t forget about the music for your wedding ceremony, drinks reception and wedding breakfast ensuring the best day of your life is just that!