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Opera Bespoke's Singing Waiters perform at a wedding in Wallingford, Oxford

4th Jun 2011

What we love about our Singing Waiter performances for weddings is that every event is different and every audience is different.  We can never predict how an audience is going to react – “stunned”, “amazed”, “in awe”, “blown away”, “tears of joy” are some of the comments we have received –  Wallingford’s audience it must be said, were particularly appreciative and were singing along with our performers from beginning to end – we even got a standing ovation at the end!

Our Singing Waiters were invited to perform at a private wedding in a beautiful part of Oxfordshire.  Wallingford sits on the western side of the River Thames and lies at the foot of the Chilterns. It’s a quintessentially old English market town.  Did you know that Midsomer Murders is filmed in the area and that Agatha Christie lived in Wallingford and based her books on local landmarks? 

The wedding venue was a beautiful marquee.  Marquees have a unique atmosphere.  Set up, temporarily, for a special  occasion, they are a space apart from normal life and give the bride and groom the opportunity to stamp their personality.  The theme for this wedding was sophistication and glamour - what could be more perfect for an exclusive and stylish wedding than the evening of operatic entertainment, which our surprise singing waiters had in store?

Our singers masqueraded themselves as three waiters during the course of the drinks reception and wedding breakfast and blended in perfectly with the excellent caterers.  It was decided that the performance would start just after the best man’s speech to create the “shock” factor.  Imagine his surprise when the waiter grabbed the microphone out of his hands at the end of his speech and announced to the guests :  ” Well, I don’t think that was very impressive.  I don’t even know the groom and I could do a better job than that!”  Following our surprise and comical introduction, guests were mesmerised by the outstanding performances of our world class singers who brought everyone to their feet in a standing ovation.  Guests were able to enjoy popular opera favourites like “Nessun Dorma” from Turandot and the “Brindisi” (drinking song) from La Traviata among many other well-known arias, duets and trios.

 What a huge success your wonderful singers were.  They were marvellous and everyone raved about them. Many, many thanks for a fabulous contribution to a wonderful day”. 

There is no doubt that if you are looking for wedding entertainment to really “wow” and entertain your guests, our singing waiters never fail to make a lasting impression on the bride, the groom and all their guests and will leave everyone with very special memories for years to come.