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Our singing waiters perform at a spring wedding in Hampshire

15th Mar 2012

At last Spring is here! It's that beautiful time of the year when the sun shines, flowers grow and it's not too hot and not too cold, just perfect for a beautiful English wedding! And that is where our surprise singing waiters act had made their way on this gorgeous spring day last Saturday. We were delighted to be providing the after dinner surprise entertainment for an incredible spring wedding in Hampshire. The marquee was up, four weddings style, with amazing views over the Hampshire countryside and beautiful flowers decorating the tables.
Our task - bring the wow factor to the wedding reception - no problem. Our surprise singing waiters consisted of a tenor, baritone and a soprano, all of whom perform lead roles with the country's top opera houses. So there we were, the sun was shining, an exquisite 3 course meal was served, smiles and laughter filled the room with wedding happiness. Disguised as a French head chef and two Italian waiters our undercover professional opera singers interacted with guests providing an exemplary service. Helpful, polite and happy to please, all you would expect from high class restaurant staff. As pudding was served and more red wine was poured, an announcement was made that the head chef who had created this extraordinary meal was leaving for sunnier climes and it was now time to send him on this way. A round of applause of appreciation from the merry guests was gratefully received by the Frenchman, so grateful in fact that, after a courteous thank you speech, he decided to sing! "Maestro please” he ordered and as the wedding guests looked on in shock, it was singing waiters show time!
The wedding guests were up on their feet for a standing ovation as they were mesmerised by the power and beauty of their French chef's rendition of Nessum Dorma as he hit the final high note. Then came stunning Carmen as she serenaded the gentlemen with roses, under the watchful eyes of their wives, wowing them with the Habanera. A combination of solos, duets and trios from our singing waiters had all the wedding guests waving their napkins in the air and swinging their glasses from side to side as they joined in the Brindisi from La Traviata. An outstanding performance sung by the country's top opera singers, close up and personal, created a buzz and screams of encore! Wow factor - done.