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Singing Waiters Delight Wedding Guests At The Wonderful Polhawn Fort

12th Jun 2012

Despite the dreadful weather, our surprise singing waiters have performed at some incredible weddings this summer. Last weekend was another spectacular celebration. We were delighted to be asked to provide our high class singing waiters act as the highlight to a wonderful wedding reception at the magnificent Polhawn Fort in Cornwall. Polhawn Fort stands sentinel on the western tip of the Rame peninsula in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Facing out onto the great sweep of Whitsand Bay with the Cornish coastline curling away into the distance, the Fort now peacefully guards this precious gift. It was the perfect venue for our surprise operatic act.
In disguise as waiters our world class opera singers - a tenor, baritone and mezzo soprano made their way by ferry to this exclusive venue. The views from the fort are absolutely incredible and really set the mood for this very special occasion. It was not long before our singing waiters were in role as the banqueting manager, head waiter and his second in command. They skilfully served the wedding guests and blended in perfectly with Polhawn Fort’s first class waiting staff. Polite, friendly and eager to please, they looked after the wedding guests, which included Hollywood stars, taking their coats, serving them champagne and making polite conversation.
As dessert was served, it was time for our singing waiters to take to their stage. The banqueting manager made an announcement that the French headwaiter who had seen to the wedding guests every need was returning to Paris after 10 years of service at Polhawn Fort. The wedding guests were keen to show their gratitude and as the shy French headwaiter made his way to the front of the dining room, they generously applauded to show their appreciation. In a strong French accent, he thanked Polhawn Fort and the wedding guests but before leaving he had one last wish. “Maestro please” he demanded and as the music played he burst into song to everyone’s surprise.
His incredible rendition of Nessun Dorma had everyone on their feet in a standing ovation. The banqueting manager was up next as Carmen seductively serenading the gentlemen with roses. The wonderful Pearl Fishers’ Duet followed, which was a special request dedicated to the bride. There was not a dry eye in the house as our singing waiters produced a world class performance of this wonderful duet. Before the night was out glasses were being swayed from side to side and napkins waved as the wedding guests rose for a rapturous applause.