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Awards Ceremonies and Conferences

Our fantastic Singing Waiters are very popular for Awards Ceremonies, Conferences and other Special Events. Everyone is totally "wowed and surprised" by their performance and the Singing Waiters never fail to bring a humorous, entertaining touch to the evening.

They will definitely be one of the highlights that everyone will remember for years to come.

We are happy to "infiltrate" your event in any shape or form - from Singing Waiters to hidden guests and even surprise speakers?

The Singing Waiters caters for a broad range of audience taste by including a selection of WELL-KNOWN SONGS from POPULAR OPERA to MUSICALS that will have everyone singing along. The show is ENTERTAINING, impressive and above all FUN and is guaranteed to appeal to both opera buffs and newcomers alike.

“Your singing waiters had everyone fooled. From the moment they started singing, the mood in the room was electric. I can’t believe you had everyone singing along by the end of the night! What a great way to kick off our conference and set the mood for the next 3 days….”