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An Entertaining History of Opera Performance

Enjoy this unique insight into how it really is, THE DIVAS, THE DRAMAS and the unforeseen disasters. Prepare for Carmen herself to mingle amongst you, join in yourselves with a rousing opera chorus and sit back and let the dazzling pianist take you on an amazing Ride of the Valkyries, in the style of jazz genius Fats Waller!

The show comprises a useful POTTED HISTORY OF OPERA from its earliest beginnings in the seventeenth century to the BIRTH OF THE AMERICAN MUSICAL at the beginning of the twentieth. Along the way there are duets by Mozart and Rossini and arias by Verdi, Bizet and Puccini together with a few musical surprises.

The show is both WITTY and ENLIGHTENING. It is guaranteed to appeal to both opera buffs and complete newcomers alike.

Divas and dramas has been performed at:

The Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon
The Grand Opera House, Belfast
Windsor Castle
The Savoy Hotel, London
and over a hundred other prestigious venues.

It works equally well as a FULL-LENGTH SHOW or as MID-DINNER ENTERTAINMENT, usually commencing after the main course.